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Nick Muccitelli Family

About It Takes A Valley

Under About, revise text to: It Takes A Valley is our passion project and is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit committed to assisting families with children under the age of five. We are a non-profit devoted to financially assisting families help pay for childcare in the Napa Valley as well as creating a support system for local families by offering information and additional resources to help parents stay in the workforce. We are specifically focused on the residents of Napa Valley (Napa, Yountville, St. Helena and Calistoga) and are in the initial fundraising phase with the hopes of offering assistance to select families in 2023.

Coming Together

There have been great legislative attempts to fix this issue, but we cannot wait on grand sweeping gestures from the government. We need to lead by example and support the Napans who support our families. It’s time we come together. For the love of mothers, teachers, and children, it’s time we start working together to make the changes we all so desperately need.
Nick Muccitelli Family

Our Goal

This is a non-partisan issue that most people agree on: teachers should be paid more, daycare should cost less, and infant care should be more readily available. United, we believe that the Napa Valley can become a role model and leader for our nation in the childcare realm, showing the rest of the nation what supporting a community looks like when you start with the youngest citizens of all— the under 5 population.

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